Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Drop of Love Dew

The day
the dust of Heart was being kneaded
A dewdrop of Love was dropped in
....... And there ...... upon Their Fall .......
That dewdrop turned into torrents of tears
Burning in brimful eyes of
Lovers banished from their
Beloved's Garden of
......... Hu! .......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You are All-Love O Beloved! And Love's all we have!

Thanks Divinity
The Almighty One
The Beloved
For guiding us thus far
He will not leave us on our own
I'm dead sure
He won't
is closer to us
Than our own
inner core of heart

is in us
is with us
is Me
is You
He is We in One
He is Soul of the souls
What comes to heart, may come true!...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

May the Wine of Your Remembrance never be Spared from the Hearts!

The Loving Grace of the Beloved, the One and only Truth, is descending from the Unseen,
Now drizzling, now downpouring; But surely selective to the wide open hearts.

O Beloved Lord! Help us keep our hearts ever wide open to host the rays of Your shining Grace that is reverberating in every particle of Your Creation, and from all the loving hearts of the blessed who are cherishing You in each and every iota of their soul and body. O Lord! We are desperate drops drifting in small brooks straying and drowning onto the desert of dunya, and dews drying out under the scorching sun of wanton desires. Have mercy O Beloved! Lead us by Your most bounteous Grace toward torrential rivers of Your true lovers that are wave after wave joining the Ganges of Oneness that is flowing toward Your Cosmic Ocean of Endless Love and Bliss!
شراب یاد توهرگز ز دل دریغ مباد

Friday, October 5, 2007

Dance in the wind, sing into the breeze, True Sama may follow!

Hu The Beloved

Dance, as though walking through the wind
Sing, as though whispering to the breeze
Love, as though caressing the Beloved
In an unending whirling elation
To the highest heaven & Beyond
Then, once There
May you find that
In such pure Love
The Master is You
The Beloved is You
The Seeker and the Sought and Seeking is You
You alone in a mirror of a thousand folds
With a myriad of radiant colors
Merging into a pure
Praying colorless
Soul in Sama

The Beloved Hu.