Tuesday, March 11, 2008

... heart's hidden door to You!

There are as many Ways to the Beloved as there are created Souls; and I take the shortcut: my heart's hidden door to You!

You are We in our Oneness
The Soul of all souls,
Love of all loves,
Light of all lights
Shining on from the East of Love and Light;
Spreading over our Hearts' Horizons to the West of beautiful souls and minds;
Glowing and growing into full panoramic vistas of our entire heavenly collective Being...
May It be so!
May It ever be so!


Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Safa,
Alhamdullilah!! I am so happy to finally see you back with another masterpiece of your soul soothing writings!!!
I hope you are fine and all is well at your end :)
I have been missing you since quite some time and i really thought of mailing you..
I am so taken away by your writings and thoughts that you transport me to another realm :))
When i hear the word Oneness- i only associate it with you safa!!
Your Blessed soul has a power to spread so much of His light all around you..
May you keep growing and glowing into full panoramic vistas of His Heavenly Collective Being...Ameen:)
May your Beloved forever keep you in His arms..
My Love, Hugs and heartfelt prayers for a soul whom i so dearly adore.love and respect...!

P.s. May i take the shortcut? Could i please enter the hidden door of your heart?!!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to come here and read this beautiful and heart moving poem :) Sister Krisha is right, your blessed soul has a power to spread His light all around you :)

May Allah bless you and increase your love and wisdom. Ameen.

Ya Haqq!

safa said...

So delighted to see such beautiful radiance from your glowing souls dearest Krishna and Irving.
May our beloved ever keep our hearts purified and empty of all else except His Beauty, Majesty, and Grace in whatever we happen to face.

Dipti said...

Dear brother.. just loved it ....you write so very beautifully...

surjit said...

The ultimate Truth..:
..'collective Being...'
You have a wonderful inspirational blog.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

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داستانک said...

شما ایرانی هستین!؟

Afterwind said...

Neither Irani nor Toorani.. nor any nations..

They are one nation..!!

They are followers of True Love!!

They are followers of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)!!

Cyrus Rumi said...


Ya Haqq!